World Wake Surfing Championship Winning Runs

Watch the winning runs from the four pro divisions at the 2011 World Wake Surfing Championship, which was held on Sept. 23-24 at the BlueWater Resort & Casino in Parker, Arizona. Check out the following pages for winning runs from Drew Danielo, Chase Hazen, Bri Chmel and Rebecca Ort.

Drew Danielo

2011 Men’s Skim-style World Champion

Drew Danielo won his sixth World Wake Surfing Championship title, beating out fellow Centurion Boats team rider Keenan Flegel.

Chase Hazen

2011 Men’s Surf-style World Champion

Chase Hazen rode a mix of consistent spins, huge carves and some of the biggest airs of the day to the 2011 surf-style title.


Bri Chmel

2011 Women’s Skim-style World Champion

Centurion Boats rider Bri Chmel won her fourth World Wake Surfing Championship title and her second in a row.

Rebecca Ort

2011 Women’s Surf-style World Champion

Rebecca Ort won her second consecutive surf-style world title with a dominant run of grabbed airs, 360s and even a surface 720.