2011 Readers Poll Results: Pro Men

Check out the results from TransWorld WAKEBOARDING‘s 2011 Readers Poll. On the following pages, you’ll find the world’s top 10 pro men wakeboarders according to you.

Shane Bonifay | Photo: Bryan Soderlind

10. Shane Bonifay

Last year’s rank: 17

“Shane incorporates style and tech in all aspects of his riding. I can’t think of one trick that he does that doesn’t look good. He’s also an ambassador to the sport. He’s been wakeboarding for a long time, and still to this day, he’s making the Readers Poll, winning contests and getting insane photos and video sections.” — Shawn Watson

Phil Soven | Photo: Aaron Katen

9. Phil Soven

Last year’s rank: 9

“I’ve been competing against Froggy for almost 15 years, and he is hands down the best competitor wakeboarding has ever seen. Mentally and physically, Phil dominates a wakeboarding contest. If there’s a science to wakeboarding, then Wayne isn’t the only doctor in the family!” — Danny Harf

Bob Soven | Photo: Joey Meddock

8. Bob Soven

Last year’s rank: 8


“Bob Soven is the fastest-rising star in wakeboarding. His fun, witty personality perfectly matches his incredible skills on a wakeboard. Wakeboarding needs Bob Soven.” — Adam Errington

Randall Harris | Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

7. Randall Harris

Last year’s rank: 7

“Randall Harris is one of those riders that no matter how many times you see him ride, it still makes you use expletives. I have been watching Randall’s video sections for years and years even before I made the move to Florida. Let me speak from personal experience: Watching him ride in person changes everything that you think about wakeboarding.” — Ben Greenwood

Parks Bonifay | Photo: Joey Meddock

6. Parks Bonifay

Last year’s rank: 6

“PB is what all riders aspire to be: carefree; fun; a rolling stone gathering no moss. His attitude towards riding is not only creative but often fearless. With the vision to ride differently both in terms of locations and style, PB truly embodies the entire spirit of a wakeboarder, on all levels.” — Zane Schwenk

Aaron Rathy | Photo: Joey Meddock

5. Aaron Rathy

Last year’s rank: 2


“Rathy is a straight-up glutton! No matter what, he always wants more. He will never be satisfied, and with so much natural talent, it’s no surprise that he is a heavy hitter.” — Olivier Derome

Danny Harf | Photo: Jason Lee

4. Danny Harf

Last year’s rank: 1

“I think Danny is the type of rider who is necessary in a sport like wakeboarding. For the kids who look up to him and his style, he gives them the best example to learn from.” — Sean Kilgus

Rusty Malinoski | Photo: Bryan Soderlind

3. Rusty Malinoski

Last year’s rank: 3

“Last year when I was getting ready for the tour, I found myself in conditions that were way less than desirable. Rough water, rain, whatever. I would remind myself, “Russ would go,” and because of that I would too. Seeing his work ethic and talent put to use is admirable, so props for that Russcular Philantowski.” — Shaun Murray

Shaun Murray | Photo: Joey Meddock

2. Shaun Murray

Last year’s rank: 5

“Shaun is someone who I wanted to base my career off of since I started riding. He always has the extra time to stop and talk to everyone and to help someone out. He’s a good role model who has built an amazing career for himself. Plus, he has his own video game.” — JD Webb

Harley Clifford | Aaron Katen

1. Harley Clifford

Last year’s rank: 4

“Harley has the potential to become one of the greats of wakeboarding — in the same breath as Shapiro, Bonifay and Harf. He is going to be the cornerstone of progression in wakeboarding for a long time.” — Dean Smith