WWA World Series - Brazil

Check out the video that the people sent us over at Ragga from the 2nd stop of the WWA World Series in Brazil. This is by far the most fun event of the season when all the top riders head down to Brazil for perfect riding conditions, great food, and ridiculously hot babes. This is just a highlight reel from all of the best things that went down that weekend during the event.

This year, Phil Soven put the pressure on Harley Clifford in the final round doing a whirly 720, and a moby dick 540 during his run and a backside 720 off the double up. Harley was last off the dock, and after Phil threw down Harley went out and fell twice and wound up in the 2nd spot. Nick Jones rode well all weekend and took third, and Trevor Hansen in fourth. It's tough, but the bikini contest might still be the best part of the event.