Photo Gallery: Kyle Rattray’s Marriage Awareness Day

This past Saturday marked Kyle Rattray’s 2010 Clermont Sport Activities Pro-Am Marriage Awareness Day Fun Run Mega Race For The Crown. Rusty Malinoski and T-Mo (Travis Moye) co-organized a day packed full of funtivities that started early with 18 holes at Legends Golf Club in Clermont, and escalated quickly back at the Malinoski residence thereafter.

There were 10 total disciplines of sport throughout the day that included: Golf, Football, Basketball, Barefooting, Bocce Ball, Horse Shoes, Corn Hole, Donkey Balls, Poleish, and Rusty riding his wife’s bike over the corn hole ramp to jump the donkey balls high bar. After the 10 on 10 football game, teams of two battled it out in each respective discipline to crown the overall winner of the day. Unfortunately, a crown was never given out due to the sun going down, mosquito’s, the general lack of everyone’s attention span, and Bud Light.

Check out the photo gallery from Kyle Rattray’s 2010 Marriage Awareness Day, and stay tuned for some of the edited video footage this week!

Team Photo
Rusty Tee
Murray Tee
Perry and Co-Organizer T-Mo on Legends signature hole
T-Mo soaking in the day he co-created
Shane, Bob, Sean and Shawn
Trevor and Rattray
Rathy challenging Benny G to a game of horse shoes.
Murray and Katen
Rattray mid catch
Chad and Kilgus
Andrew Adkison and Phil Soven
Jack and Rusty
Soven, Adkison, Murray, and Katen
a toast to Rattray by Rattray