Sarnia Wake-Up Call Recap and Photo Gallery

Sarnia has been host to the annual “WAKE-up Call” for three consecutive years now, but this year it added a complete twist. The event was run behind the Sesitec System 2.0 in August and it was the first event to be run in Ontario entirely pulled behind this system. The riders that came out to this event were overly excited to be part of a cable contest and just happy to be there. The crowd remained constant throughout the day as the sun shined over like a normal Ontario August day should be like. The event was host to a wakeskate contest and an amateur and open wakeboard contest. Everyone came to compete; there was no shortage of talent in the Sarnia Bay on that day.

Laura Bloomberg took the amateur wakeboard contest after learning to wakeboard two weeks before this event. She had 8 other competitors to outshine and didn’t have a problem tossing 360’s across the Metab dancefloor. Jordan Sullivan, a rising star in the Ontario wakeskate scene walked away with the “Cable Champion of Ontario” title as he was hitting every obstacle in front of him on the course. Last but not least, we had the open category which could have been divided into two divisions since the rider list ended up being so big. These 20 riders were extremely impressive and made it very difficult for a judge’s decision but in the end there could only be a top 3 of the day and one “Cable Champion of Ontario” for wakeboarding, and that was none other than Dylan Rivait. Dylan was making the most of the course by doing his air tricks around the corners and allowing the entire pass for his rail tricks where he would easily 270 on to the Base Camp A Frame and a gap over the 6ft flat with a 360 off the A frame. He was certainly the crowd pleaser for the day. In a close second was Michael Perrier and Colin Chrysler in third. This was the second time that Dylan had won the Sarnia’s WAKE-up Call contest.

Given the success of this first event, Boarder Pass, Ontario’s first and only straight line cable decided that they would organize a follow-up event in September to end off the season with a bang. Just this past weekend, September 18th Boarder Pass hosted “Sarnia’s WAKE-up Call part deux” and once again there was no shortage of riding and/or fans in the attendance. The first event was more locally driven and a lot of riders within South-western Ontario region but this second event attracted riders from all over Ontario and made the competition extremely tight. The amateur contest was again a close battle with 6 riders entering this class it was Andy Stancic, a local to the cable who walked away with the win.

Due to the number of riders that entered the first contest, FOX racing stepped up and partnered with the local board shop “Boarder Town” and offered prizing to create the new category to SWUC, the intermediate wakeboard division. This division was hard fought as we had riders throwing air raleys and 720’s across the A frame as each one of these riders wanted to take home that win. It ended up being three local riders to “Boarder Pass” that took first, second and third. Mark VanMoorsel (owner of Metab) walked away with first place, Alexander Tsotos got second and Jason Delmage got third place.

The wakeskate contest was by far one of the most entertaining few hours that Boarder Pass has seen in its existence. The riders/talent that came to this event to compete for the wakeskate title were ready to give it their all and every one of them pushed the limits in their sets. When it all came down to it, Jordan Sullivan walked away regaining his “Ontario Wakeskate Cable Champion” title with Scott Boysen in a close second and Jono Boysen placing third. Jordan was consistently hitting the entire A frame which was a big stand out to the judges. Immediately following the entertainment that the wakeskate division had to offer, we rolled into the top 5 wakeboarders of the day to hit the water and showcase their skills for the top 3 to be awarded. Unfortunately, Dylan Rivait could not attend to defend his title so the title was up for grabs and you could tell that these riders wanted it. Christian Primrose took home the “Ontario Cable Wakeboard Champion” title as he landed two new tricks that day, landing his first ever S-Bend and also a half cab roll. In a tight second was Robbie McMillin. Robbie and the sliders sure were not strangers to one another; he dominated the Metab “Top Shelf” and the Base Camp A Frame in each one of his passes. Chris Sinkic also had a solid day on the cable and got third place. This podium looked all too familiar to the Ontario wakeboard scene as in early August the three of these riders took the same place in the Wakestock Amateur contest.

In a combined two events, Boarder Pass saw well over 20 new riders introduced to the Sesitec System 2.0 and each and everyone one of the riders had the same three words to say that I had back in January when I first rode it, those words are “I love it.” This System is by far the future of this sport and what’s to come. Sesitec System 2.0 allows riders from every class of riding to push themselves to a further limit they ever would have imagined. If you are ever lucky enough to have a chance to try out the System 2.0 do it, you will not regret it. If every wakeboard community was lucky enough to have one of these systems close by, the industry itself would be at a level of riding we have never seen before. Thanks to everyone involved this past season at Boarder Pass in making this park what it is. We have had a great first season and could not have done it without you. Hats off to the year 2010 and here’s to the 2011 season and the future of this sport!

Text: Chris Smith

Photos: Dave Sandford