Sneak Peek: Ronix 2011 Gear

September 16, 2010

Get a first look at Ronix‘s 2011 wakeboarding gear, including Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe and Parks Bonifay’s new super-strong ATR pro model wakeboards, Erik Ruck’s new Phoenix Project wakeboard, two new wakesurf boards and two new wakeskates.

Check out all of Ronix‘s 2011 wakeboarding gear on the following pages.

2011 Ronix ATR One, Ibex and Viva wakeboards

Danny Harf, Parks Bonifay and Chad Sharpe’s Ronix One, Ibex and Viva wakeboards are now offered in Ronix’s super-light, super-stiff and super-durable All Terrain Ride (ATR) editions. The Ronix ATR One, Ibex and Viva wakeboards start with The Mod Pour layup, a light and rigid carbon blend that has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any core that Ronix has ever tested. The Ronix ATR wakeboards are made even more durable with feature Ronix’s jib-friendly sintered base, new slider-specific fins, and Krypto Cable, which is a cord that surrounds the boards’ profiles, making the sidewall the strongest part of the wakeboard.

Ronix Phoenix Project wakeboard

2011 Ronix Phoenix Project wakeboard

The creation of new Ronix team rider Erik Ruck and The Wake Park Project’s Pat Panakos, the new Ronix Phoenix Project wakeboard is designed to shred both at the cable park and behind the boat. Its exaggerate bottom bevels, Krypto Cable-enforced sidewalls and super-durable sintered base make the Phoenix Project wakeboard a lock for a cable park’s rails and kickers, and its Mod Pour layup and thin profile are designed to help the board store energy all the way through the wake for controlled, explosive pop. 2011 Ronix Phoenix Project wakeboard sizes: 137 and 142

Ronix Quarter Til Midnight wakeboard

2011 Ronix Quarter Til Midnight wakeboard

Ronix team rider Hayley Smith worked with legendary wakeboard coach Mike Ferraro to design the women’s specific Quarter Til Midnight wakeboard. The universal shape is designed to satisfy a range of riding styles and abilities and features Ronix’s women-specific Smooth Flex layup and super-durable sintered base. 2011 Ronix Quarter Til Mightnight wakeboard sizes: 134 and 138

Ronix Duke wakesurf board

2011 Ronix Duke Longboard wakesurf board

The new Ronix Duke Longboard is the thickest, most-buoyant of Ronix’s wakesurf boards and is designed for a relaxed, toes-on-the-nose longboard feel. The 6’1″ shape fits any size rider and has a light and fast surf-style construction.

Ronix One Skim wakesurf board

2011 Ronix One Skimmer wakesurf board

The new Danny Harf-designed Ronix One Skimmer wakesurf board is a thin-profile, freestyle-influenced skim-style wakesurf board. Nearly 1/2 inch thinner than the Ronix Koal wakesurf board, the Ronix One Skimmer wakesurf board is designed for skate-style tricks and is easier to ride switch, thanks to Ronix’s new recessed fin box. 2011 Ronix One Skimmer wakesurf board sizes: 4’4″ and 4’10”

2011 Ronix Paint Drip Koal wakesurf boards

For 2011, Ronix is producing a small-run, art-project edition of its Ronix Koal wakesurf board. Each Ronix Paint Drip Koal wakesurf board features a unique paint job that mellows out the look of the hard-carving Koal.

Ronix Electric Collective wakeskate

2011 Ronix Electric Collective wakeskate

For 2011, Ronix is releasing two single-level wakeskates to complement the bi-level Ronix Zariel wakeskate. The compression-molded Ronix Electric Collective wakeskate is lighter than the Zariel but has a similar shape and rocker. Outfitted with Ronix’s durable sintered base, the Electric Collective is designed to stand up to the abuse of riding rail and cable parks. 2011 Ronix Electric Collective wakeskate sizes: 41 and 43

Ronix Rove Karver wakeskate

2011 Ronix Rove Karver wakeskate

The new Ronix Rove Karver wakeskate features more surface area and deeper fins than any wakeskate Ronix has ever created. As a result, the stable, hard-carving wakeskate is a good fit for beginner wakeskaters or riders looking to carve more soul-style sessions than flip tricks. 2011 Ronix Electric Collective wakeskate sizes: 40, 42 and 42


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