Sneak Peek: CWB Board Co. 2011 Wakeboarding Gear

September 15, 2010

Get a first look at CWB Board Co.‘s 2011 wakeboarding gear, including Trevor Hansen’s new pro model CWB Marius wakeboard, Andrew Adkison’s new pro model CWB AA wakeboard bindings, and the freshly updated CWB Vibe wakeboard.

Check out all of CWB Board Co.‘s new 2011 wakeboarding gear on the following pages.

2011 CWB Marius wakeboard

2011 CWB Marius wakeboard

Trevor Hansen’s traditionally wide ride, the 2011 CWB Marius wakeboard stays massive in the middle but is an inch narrower at the tip and tail. In addition to that slimmer end profile, the CWB Marius wakeboard is also a little faster in 2011, thanks to new vertical steps at the tip and tail. The CWB Marius wakeboard’s huge, landing-softening center spine returns for 2011. 2011 CWB Marius wakeboard sizes: 136 and 141

CWB Vibe wakeboard

2011 CWB Vibe wakeboard

The CWB Vibe wakeboard had a pretty high-profile first year, thanks to shredding from Gabe Lucas and Clay Fletcher. The rail-friendly, wake-approved CWB Vibe wakeboard gets a few updates for 2011, including CWB’s new super-durable Ti slider base and variable-height ABS rails that extend deep into the board for extra durability. 2011 CWB Vibe wakeboard sizes: 136, 142 and 147

CWB xFaction wakeboard

2011 CWB xFaction wakeboard

CWB’s resident everyman wakeboard shape, the CWB Faction wakeboard now has a new, tougher sibling. The 2011 CWB xFaction wakeboard shares its brother’s universal shape, but gets toughened up with CWB’s new Ti slider base, making it a smart choice for riding both behind the boat and at the cable park. 2011 CWB xFaction wakeboard sizes: 138 and 144

CWB Absolute wakeboard

2011 CWB Absolute wakeboard

Zane Schwenk’s always popular pro model, the CWB Absolute wakeboard gets updates in both the looks and performance departments. Two rows of six V-shaped mini-steps at the tip and tail increase the CWB Absolute wakeboard’s speed while decreasing drag. The perennial favorite also sports a new energetic graphic. 2011 CWB Absolute wakeboard sizes: 135 and 141

CWB Marius wakeboard binding
CWB AA wakeboard binding

2011 CWB AA and Marius wakeboard bindings

CWB never rests on wakeboard binding innovation, and in 2011 the company has added several new advances to Andrew Adkison and Trevor Hansen’s pro model AA and Marius wakeboard bindings. Both wakeboard boots feature CWB’s lighweight, small-footprint Gen6 plate, which this year features a new SOS air shock heel for added impact absorption. The AA and Marius wakeboard boots also come outfitted with CWB’s new heel lock hinge, which is designed to fix your heel in place no matter what, as well as Superfeet premium insole for even more cushioning on those big landings.

CWB Four.19 wakeskate

2011 CWB Four.19 wakeskate

Stuart Shinn’s new pro model wakeskate, the 2011 CWB Four.19 wakeskate features a 14-layer deck carved from maple, a three-stage rocker for plenty of straight-up pop, and grip-tape top deck.


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