Top 10 Wakeboarding Videos Of 2010 (So Far)

Watch the best wakeboarding videos from the first half of 2010. From contest-winning runs and top-of-the-line wakeboarding how tos to a day in the life of Dallas Friday, there’s plenty of action here to satisfy your wake fix.

| |### 1. Video: Harley Clifford’s Wake Games Winning Run | |Watch Harley Clifford’s winning run from the 2010 Air Nautique Wake Games. Clifford, last year’s Pro Wakeboard Tour season champ, beat out Bob Soven, JD Webb, Josh Palma, and Jimmy LaRiche in the five-man final. Watch the video here.| | | || |

| |### 2. Video: Harley Clifford’s PWT Stop 1 Winning Run| |Watch Harley Clifford’s Winning Run video from the first stop of the 2010 Pro Wakeboard Tour in Acworth, Georgia. In his finals run, Clifford stomped four mobe 5s, including the first handle-pass wake-to-wake KGB 5 ever landed in a Pro Tour. Watch the video here.| | | || |

| |### 3. How To Land Every 180| |In this wakeboarding how to video, The Boarding School’s Travis Moye shows you the fundamentals of the “corkscrew” landing, which not only helps beginners learn 180s but also helps more advanced riders stomp any trick that finishes with a 180. Watch the video here.| | | || |


| |### 4. Video: Day in the Life of Dallas Friday| |Follow Dallas Friday around for a day and find out what it’s like to be the winningest female rider in wakeboarding history. The one-word summary of Dallas’ life: busy. Watch the video here.| | | || |

| |### 5. Video: Harley Clifford’s 2010 Nationals Winning Run| |Watch the run that won Harley Clifford the 2010 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships. Clifford beat out Phillip Soven, Danny Harf, Rusty Malinoski and Bryan Hutton to win his first-ever Wakeboard Nationals title. Watch the video here.| | |

| |### 6. Video: Harley Clifford Winning Run From Pro Tour Stop 3| |Watch the run that won Harley Clifford the Elizabethtown, Kentucky, stop of the 2010 Pro Wakeboard Tour. Clifford landed a nose grab back mobe 540 and a massive heelside 900 to beat out Phillip Soven and Bob Soven.Watch the Video here.| | | || |


| |### 7. Video: Phil Soven’s Winning Run From Ft. Worth Pro Tour| |Watch Phillip Soven’s Winning Run video from the Ft. Worth stop of the 2010 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour. Soven, the 2008 King of Wake, used a backside 720 off the double-up to finish in front of Rusty Malinoski and Danny Harf. Watch the video here.| | | || |

| |### 8. Video: Shaun Murray Rips Behind Super Air Nautique 230| |Watch Nautique Boats team rider Shaun Murray rip behind his 2010 Super Air Nautique 230 wakeboard boat. Then find out how Murray’s PCM engine allows him to load up his Super Air Nautique 230 with more than 4,000 pounds of ballast for a massive wake and super-booted tricks.Watch the video here.| | | || |

| |### 9. How to do a Method with Shaun Murray| |In this wakeboarding how to video, Shaun Murray shows you the keys to doing a method. Find out why many riders can technically do a method, but a really good one is seldom seen. Watch the video here.| | | || |


| |### 10. How to Land a Toeside 360| |In this wakeboarding how to video, Kyle Rattray shares the keys to landing a toeside 360, which is one of his favorite wakeboarding tricks because it’s a gateway move to everything from 540s all the way up to 1260s. Watch the video here.| ||


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