Cable Park Feature 2010

Cable parks have continued their explosive growth in 2010. In fact, by year’s end there will be a whopping 27 cable parks in the United States, which is three times the number of cable parks in existence in 2009. In short, cable parks are blowing up and its your turn to get in on the fun. Find a cable park near you in WAKEBOARDING‘s 2010 Cable Park Guide.

| |### Orlando Watersports Complex| |Orlando is the wakeboarding capital of the world, and the Orlando Watersports Complex is a major landmark on the wakeboarding map. Orlando Watersports Complex celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, where many of the world’s best boat and cable riders have spent countless hours. Read full Orlando Watersports Complex review here.| | | |

| |### The Projects Camp| |The Projects Camp is definitely a spot every rider needs to experience. This is where the Sesitec System 2.0 cable system got its origins in the United States, and it was the first straight-line cableway open to the public. Read full The Projects Camp review here.| | | |

| |### Western Oasis Wakeplace| |Western Oasis Wakeplace is a dream come true for Sesitec System 2.0 fans. Featuring a whopping four two-tower setups, there is plenty to blow anyone’s mind. Read full Western Oasis Wakeplace review here.| | | |


| |### Manna Wake| |It was just a matter of time before cable parks spread to California, and Manna Wake is the first park to open its doors. This fully rider-owned and operated cable park features a Sesitec System 2.0 cable that spans 700 feet. Read full Manna Wake review here.| | | |

| |### M2 Sports| |Located only 30 minutes from downtown Houston, M2 Sports’ cable park is nestled beneath tall pine trees atop sandy beaches. The stunning atmosphere leads you to believe you are far from the hustle and bustle of city life, but in reality you are only 20 miles from one of the biggest metropolitan hubs in the United States. Read full M2 Sport review here.|

| |### Nordic Wake Park | |Part of Nordic Mountain, Nordic Wake Park is the nation’s first cable park at a ski resort. While it’s only open during the non-snow season, Nordic Wake Park is also Wisconsin’s first cable park. Read full Nordic Wake Park review here.| | | |


| |### Placid Wake Park | |The first cable park to open its doors in Michigan, Placid Wake Park features a pro shop, a boat lake and, most importantly, a Sesitec System 2.0, complete with great obstacles for beginners and pros. Read full Placid Wake Park review here.| | | |

| |### Revolution Cable Park | |Highly praised for its soaring towers, tight pull and unique near-circular shape, Revolution cable park is quite a magical place. With Revolution cable park’s five towers so spaced out, you have plenty of time to boost big, floaty air tricks between any two corners, which is unusual for most five-tower cableways. Read full Revolution Cable Park review here.| | | |

| |### Texas MasterCraft Wake Park| |Texas MasterCraft has been a hub for wake sports in the Dallas/Ft. Worth scene for years. They have their own lake located on site, equipped with a Sesitec System 2.0, rails and easy access ramp for boat sets. Read full Texas MasterCraft review here.| | | |


| |### Third Coast Cables| |Slated to open midsummer, Third Coast Cables is Louisiana’s first cable park, putting a fourth Southern state on the cable park map. Featuring a System 2.0 setup, Third Coast Cables will give a lot of people the opportunity to ride, hit obstacles, work on air tricks and wakeskate. Read full Third Coast Cables review here.| | |

| |### Wake Nation Cincinnati| |With the country’s first six-tower cable system, Wake Nation Cincinnati’s oval shape and 2-acre island make for an ideal setup. Wake Nation Cincinnati has user-friendly corners, a smooth pull, buttery water, high towers and great pop for air tricks. Read full Wake Nation Cincinnati review here.| | | |

| |### WakeSport Ranch| |Located just 14 miles southwest of Fort Worth, WakeSport Ranch’s 10-acre lake features an impressive 1,771 feet of cable with long straights, a six-acre island and a variety of sick obstacles — two of which are adjustable via remote control. Read full WakeSport Ranch review here.| | | |


| |### 10,000 Wakes| |Located in Trophy Lake Estates, 10,000 Wakes cable park features four diverse obstacles — including a two-way kicker — and will stoke out riders from beginner to pro. Read full 10,000 Wakes review here.| | | |

| |### Boarder Pass| |The first straight-line cable park in Ontario, Canada, Boarder Pass is tucked away in a small bay on Lake Huron — well-protected from the wind, which makes for calm waters all day, every day. Partnered with Sarnia Bay Marina, Boarder Pass is located near two major cities — Toronto and Detroit. Read full Boarder Pass review here.| | | |

| |### Scotia Sessions Wakeboard Park | |If you’re looking to experience the beauty of nature and wildlife while getting your ride on, then Scotia Sessions Wakeboard Park has you covered. Located at Renfrew Camping & Golf, Scotia Sessions Wakeboard Park is Atlantic Canada’s first cable park. Read full Scotia Sessions Wakeboard Park review here.| | |