2010 FISE Festival Preview

April 30, 2010

Check out this video teaser for 2010 FISE (International Extreme Sport Festival), which will be held on May 12-16 in downtown Montpellier in the South of France.

FISE is one of Europe’s biggest action sports festivals will play host to the world’s best professional athletes in number of different events, including wakeboarding.

FISE has once again partnered with the World Wakeboard Association to bring you the best in wakeboarding action. For the wake competition, two Sesitec System 2.0s will be set up side by side in a prime spot along the river to pull riders through a course of obstacles.


Confirmed Riders

Keith Lidberg

Kevin Henshaw

Marc Rossiter


Nico Von Lerchenfeld

Hugo Charbit

Dan Nott


Olivier Derome

Raphael Derome

Yann Thibault


Nate Perry

Andrew Adams

Brian Reeder

Davis Griffin

Chris Abadie

James Young

CK Koester

Matt Crowhurst

Freddy Von Osten

Jimmy Martinez

Yann Calvez

Bertrand Oustrieres

Sjors Van de Kerkhof


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