Sneak Peek: Wakeboarding HD Video Game

Check out the trailer for Wakeboarding HD, a new arcade-style wakeboarding video game that will be available for download on the Playstation 3 entertainment system March 25.

Developed by TikGames and Creat Studios, Wakeboarding HD tows riders through 20 levels. Along the way, players can perform tricks off what look like head-high wakes, hit kickers to boost over massive rubber duckies, collect bonuses for blasting through fishing boats, and dodge dangers like mines and huge-ass sharks. There's also a water-bound dragon, and the female character rides in cut-offs.

OK, so it's not exactly an accurate representation of our sport, but there must be some sort of perverse satisfaction to be gained from virtually busting up a bass boat. Check out the video — we're going to go see the guys at the Pro Wakeboard Tour about getting a 20-foot-high rubber ducky at the next event.