Wakeboarding Wetsuit Guide 2010

March 10, 2010
## Wetsuit Guide: 2010 Wakeboarding Wetsuits
Wetsuits and wetsuit jackets are the best way to extend your wakeboarding season. With wakeboarding wetsuits, you can get on the water earlier in the season and ride later in the year. In this wetsuit guide, we’ve assembled the best wetsuits for wakeboarding for 2010. Cop one and enjoy your longest season yet.

| |### Hurley Freedom 202 Wetsuit Jacket| |The Hurley Freedom 202 wetsuit jacket has a clean finish on the cuffs and a board-shorts attachment. Full Hurley Freedom 202 Wetsuit Jacket Review| | | |

| |### Hurley Fusion 302 Chest Zip Wetsuit| |The Hurley Fusion 302 wetsuit’s new chest-zip styles make total sense, and you’ll get proven performance with a watertight seal. Full Hurley Fusion 302 Chest Zip Wetsuit Review| | | |

| |### Body Glove Vapor Long Arm Wetsuit Jacket| |The Body Glove Vapor Long Arm wetsuit jacket features water-repellent technology that keeps you drier longer. Full Body Glove Vapor Long Arm Wetsuit Jacket Review| | | |


| |### Body Glove CT Full Wetsuit| |The Body Glove CT wetsuit has a slant-zip chest entry that reduces the amount of water that enters the suit and adds flexibility across your back. Full Body Glove CT Full Wetsuit Review| | | |###

| |### Rusty Zero Wetsuit Jacket| |The Rusty Zero wetsuit jacket is simple and affordable. It’s perfect for those nights or mornings when it’s just a bit chilly. Full Rusty Zero Wetsuit Jacket Review|

| |### O’Neill Psychofreak Wetsuit| |The O’Neill PsychoFreak wetsuit is beyond warm and has features that make you realize we are in the year 2010. Full O’Neill Psychofreak Wetsuit Review| | | |


| |### O’Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit Jacket| |The O’Neill Hyperfreak wetsuit has a collar that’s super-comfortable and the UltraFlex neoprene lives up to its name. Full O’Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit Jacket Review| | | |

| |### Billabong Equator Punch Wetsuit Jacket| |The Billabong Equator Punch wetsuit jacket’s Superflex technology is top notch, and this functional jacket is also pretty stylish. Full Billabong Equator Punch Wetsuit Jacket Review| | | |

| |### Billabong Foil GBS Spring Wetsuit| |The Billabong Foil GBS Spring wetsuit has an undersleeve that provides good flex to help your handle passes. Full Billabong Foil GBS Spring Wetsuit Review| | | |


| |### Jet Pilot Chamber Full Wetsuit| |The Jet Pilot Chamber Wetsuit features Flex-Lite Ultra water-resistant neoprene that helps you stay warm by keeping the cold water out. Full Jet Pilot Chamber Full Wetsuit Review|

| |### Jet Pilot F35 Flight Wetsuit Jacket| |The Jet Pilot F35 Flight wetsuit jacket cuts wind chill and UV rays with its Glideskin neoprene. Full Jet Pilot F35 Flight Wetsuit Jacket Review| | | |

| |### Quiksilver Ignite Wetsuit| |The Quiksilver Ignite wetsuit’s flexibility makes it worth not wearing anything thicker. Full Quiksilver Ignite Wetsuit Review| | | |


| |### Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket| |The Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro long sleeve wetsuit jacket has a shock-cord waist and board-shorts connector. Full Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket Review| | | |

| |### Quiksilver Ignite Flatlock Wetsuit Jacket| |The Quiksilver Ignite Flatlock wetsuit jacket’s Hyperstretch II neoprene is definitely a plus, along with the flatlock stitching and board-shorts tie-down loop. Full Quiksilver Ignite Flatlock Wetsuit Jacket Review| | | |

| |### Matuse Hoplite Wetsuit| |The Matuse Hoplite wetsuit is constructed of Geoprene, a neoprene made from limestone. It is said to be warmer, lighter and longer-lasting than oil-based neoprene. Full Matuse Hoplite Wetsuit Review|

| |### Rip Curl E-Bomb Chest Zip Pro Wetsuit| |The Rip Curl E-Bomb Chest Zip Pro wetsuit seems like it’s designed for wakeboarders because of features like superstretch neoprene. Full Rip Curl E-Bomb Chest Zip Pro Wetsuit Review| | | |

| |### Xcel Infiniti Full Wetsuit| |The Xcel Infiniti Full wetsuit’s ThermoBamboo inner chest lining is made from recycled fibers and fibers infused with bamboo charcoal. Full Xcel Infiniti Full Wetsuit Review| | | |

| |### Xcel Reversible Xcelerator Wetsuit Jacket| |The Xcel Reversible Xcelerator wetsuit jacket has a 2 mm body and 1 mm sleeves and it is reversible to all-black on the inside. Full Xcel Reversible Xcelerator Wetsuit Top Review| | | |

| |### Matuse Philo Wetsuit Jacket| |The Matuse Philo wetsuit features a Hydrasilk nylon that is hydrophobic, meaning it actually rejects water. Full Matuse Philo Wetsuit Top Review|


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