Inside Shaun Murray's March Cover Photo

WAKEBOARDING magazine March cover

A lot goes into making the cover of WAKEBOARDING magazine, but it all starts with a powerful image. Here, the Legend Shaun Murray gives some insight on the process of creating a unique cover shot.

Shaun Murray:

More than a year ago, I mentioned to Kevco that I wanted to try and get a cool cover shot. He told me, "Get something unique and creative, and we'll see if it's something that can work." I tried shooting this land gap at my school, The Boarding School, but we struggled to get something that we thought was cover-worthy. I had a few different ideas of something similar (which may come about in the future), but just a couple months ago, I was out on a carve set with my buddy Aaron. I just wanted to get wet for a quick lap around my lake and not get into the air much. I've done the blind toeside cut since my days on the Skurfer, but I decided to see just how hard I could cut and how close I could get my nose to the water. I called Joey Meddock and told him I wanted to shoot to see if we could shoot the hard lean. The morning of the shoot, we happened to have perfect conditions with the sunlight and wind. After the first pass, the lake had a tiny ripple and the shoot was pretty much over. But it was a good thing, because after leaning like that for two minutes, I was pretty tired. It actually strains the body pretty hard if you do it long enough, but if you ever get to ride the mirror, I suggest you try it.