New Year’s Resolution: Ride A Cable Park

It’s never too soon to start scripting your game plan for 2010, and one of the things that should definitely make your to-do list is riding at a cable wakeboard park. Cable parks have helped dozens of now-professional riders like Jimmy LaRiche and Adam Errington propel themselves into the elite ranks of wakeboarding and wakeskating. Lucky for riders everywhere, cable parks are sprouting up across the country faster than ever before. Find a cable park near you with WAKEBOARDING magazine’s cable wakeboard park reviews and start planning your trip today.

|## McCormicks| |Since its cable park opened in summer 2008, McCormicks has drawn legions of Orlando pros from Andrew Adkison to Dallas Friday — and with good reason. Whether you want to ride the country’s highest cable, take a session on an epic lake or learn that elusive trick, McCormicks’ 80-acre complex has you covered.| | | | |

|## Orlando Watersports Complex| |The Orlando Watersports Complex is an institution — an iconic spot in wakeboarding’s mecca. Some of wakeboarding’s best riders cut their teeth at the Orlando park. Dallas Friday, Phillip Soven, Adam Errington — the list goes on and on. But OWC isn’t just for the pros. In fact, the park has something for every rider. | | | | |


|## Revolution| |Revolution owner Nick Dimasi spent five years bringing his dream park into reality. That time and care is evident in the cable’s performance, says 2008 Wake Park World Series champ Tom Fooshee. “Revolution’s cable has a feel and pop that’s like no other place I’ve ever been,” Fooshee says. | | | | |

|## Ski Rixen| |Rixen prides itself on teaching people to ride, so if you have a question about anything from making it around your first corner to landing that elusive S-bend, all you have to do is ask. Perhaps that’s why Rixen is the longest-standing cable park in the United States.| | | | |

|## Texas MasterCraft| |In the spring of 2009, Texas MasterCraft became the first boat dealership in the world to feature a Sesitec System 2.0 park. Since then, Harvell has added more than a quarter-million dollars worth of improvements to the park, including high-tech obstacles designed by master rail builder Pat Panakos and The Wake Park Project. | | | | |


|## Texas Ski Ranch| |Texas Ski Ranch is the Disney World of U.S. cable parks. The cable itself helped produce Tom Fooshee, the 2008 Wake Park World Series champ, and is home to one of the strongest communities of riders anywhere. At TSR, pros like Aaron Reed and Gabe Lucas ride alongside first-time rippers. But the cable is just the beginning.| | | | |

|## Wake Nation| |In June 2009, Wake Nation became the eighth cable park in the U.S. Since then, the Cincinnatti park has been attracting and drawing praise from some of the best riders in the world, including Wake Park World champs Tom Fooshee and Nick Davies.|


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