OWC's Slider Spectacular

Nearly 50 wakeboarders and wakeskaters competed in the Orlando Watersports Complex's 7th-annual Slider Spectacular obstacles-only event on October 24.

Slider Spectacular’s pro wakeboard and wakeskate divisions were set up as best trick competitions and riders were awarded cash prizes for winning one of three categories — tech, style and originality.

In the pro wakeboard division, five-time Slider Spectacular champ Julian Cohen won for most original line, while Nate Perry and Keith Lidberg topped the style and technical categories, respectively.

In the pro wakeskate division, 2008 overall champ Kyle Hyams won the originality category and Josh Zentmeyer was named the most stylish wakeskater of the comp. Aaron Perkins won the technical category in route to the overall pro wakeskate title.

Jordan Jones, Daniel Haddad, Tracy Baynham and Eric Worrall won their amateur wakeboarding divisions and Noah Flegel won the beginner wakeskate division.