AA Blog: Hitting Double-ups In Dubai

It's seems slightly odd to me that I just flew halfway around the world to hit a couple of double-ups. It's even stranger that this time last week I didn't know I was going.

The crew from Al Boom Marine Group has invited eight pro riders to Dubai for a one-day double-up contest that is sure to draw spectators and amateur riders from all over the United Arab Emirates and Europe. Judging by Al Boom Marine's Facebook page, people are traveling for thousands of miles to be a part of the action.

JD Webb is one of the guys headed over from The States. Last week, he heard there was one spot open for a rider and threw my name in the hat before I even told him I wanted to go. I guess it was a pretty safe bet — no one would turn down a trip to wakeboard in Dubai. Twelve hours after he spoke with the organizers, I was on the list.

So thanks to JD, Al Boom Marine and Ten-80, I'll be able to be part of this experience and share it with you. Stay posted for tons of pics and updates throughout the trip. — Andrew Adkison

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