Oakley’s 2009 Move of the Year – Wakeskate

As banging as the 2008 Move of the Year reel was, 2009 still trumped it. With everything from a backside 360 kickflip to a boardslide backside kickflip to a backside 540, 2009 proved yet again that wakeskating is as legit a sport as there is. This video was used at the 2009 Wake Awards in Orlando for Oakley’s Move of the Year – Wakeskating.

Featuring moves from James Balzer, Russell Brightwell, Travis Doran, Justin Forest, Brian Grubb, Danny Hampson, Reed Hansen, Ben Horan, Dieter Humpsch, Kyle Hyams, Chris Kallas, Matt Manzari, Andrew Pastura, Grant Roberts, Stu Shinn and Nick Taylor.