TigéTouch: The iPhone Of Boat Dashboards

If we didn’t know better, we’d think Tigé Boats had outsourced the design of its new TigéTouch touch-screen control system to Apple. After all, the influence of the iPhone’s clean, attractive design and intuitive navigation is all over TigéTouch’s 6.5-inch full-color multimedia display. TigéTouch also shares some of the iPhone’s do-it-all function, managing all of your wakeboard boat’s operating systems, watersports performance settings and engine monitoring functions within that big, bright display. We got a sneak peek at TigéTouch, which is available on the Tigé RZ4, Tigé RZ2, Tigé 24Vé and Tige 22Vé, during a recent photo shoot with Tigé wakeboarders Daniel Watkins, Erik Ruck, Adam Errington, Tino Santori, Nick Weinacker and Scotty Broome. We came away impressed and thought we’d share the love.

Navigate through TigéTouch's multiple screens below to get a sense of how the system functions. To start over, click the home key at the top right to go back to the main screen.