WBM's Surf Expo Booth View: Hyperlite

Use the arrow and zoom keys to navigate through Hyperlite's booth:

2010 Overview: Hyperlite's new Strata track system, which is available on Shaun Murray's new pro model wakeboard as well as Rusty Malinoski's Marek wakeboard, is designed to give riders a completely personalized stance. But Strata's benefits don't end at unlimited stance adjustment. Nope, the system also acts like a stringer through the middle of the board, which Murray and Malinoski say adds snap off the wake and helps soften landings. In addition to Murray's new wakeboard, Hyperlite will also debut a JD Webb pro model. Webb's new B-Side, which Erik Ruck and Jimmy LaRiche are also riding, has a true free-ride shape that rides fast and releases easy off the wake. There's big news on the wakeskate side of things, too. Brian Grubb and Brandon Thomas have been given control of a new wakeskate sub-brand called Catalyst by Hyperlite, which is named after Grubb's longtime pro model wakeskate. The Catalyst by Hyperlite line includes Grubbs wakeskate, which is now called the Nomad, as well as BT's redesigned Vinyl bi-level wakeskate, which combines a wood concave top deck and a compression-molded bottom deck. The line also includes Hyperlite's first wood wakeskate, the 16-ply Ursa, which new Catalyst signee Kris Kallas will be riding.