WBM's Surf Expo Booth View: Liquid Force

Use the arrow and zoom keys to navigate through Liquid Force's booth:****2010 Overview: It's official: Shawn Watson has more pro model gear than any other rider. Not only does Watson have two new pro model boards for 2010 (the Watson and Watson Hybrid), but his old shape was so popular that Liquid Force is keeping it in the line (the Watson Classic). Kevin Henshaw's new FLX is a rail-specific board with a wood/PVC core, super-durable Grind Base, and LF's new Liquid Rail sidewall construction, which is designed to bounce off anything it hits and keep on truckin'. Mikey Ennen has a new Hybrid board that's designed to excel both on rails and wakes. It has a 100-percent wood core, Liquid Rail sidewall construction, and a graphic courtesy of Ennen himself. Liquid Force has almost a dozen new boots for 2010, including the Velcro-strapped Domain and Vantage, the poke-friendly Ultra, and new pro model boots for Amber Wing and Melissa Marquadt. On the wakesurf side of things, LF is introducing a redesigned Venture and the all-new Noserider. Last but not least, cable riders will be stoked on Liquid Force's new line of helmets, which were designed in cooperation with snow and skate helmet company Triple 8 and are priced at a wallet-friendly $39.99.