Review: Global Warning

August 24, 2009

**_Global Warning

($25 and $30, Blu-ray;**

Who: Shaun Murray, Keith Lyman, JD Webb, Aaron Rathy, Jeff Weatherall, Kyle Alberts, Dean Smith and Keith Lidberg.


What: A collaborative film effort between Ronnie Romero and David Cervenka, showcasing some of wake’s biggest names in exotic locales with high production quality.

Where: All around the world, including New Zealand, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States.

Why You Should Watch: Global Warning follows a pretty standard formula for getting you amped to ride. Why the formula, you ask? Because it works. Romero and Cervenka did their damndest to find as many bangers as possible. Just a few of Global Warning‘s hammers include Rathy’s switch toeside 1080, Murray’s toeside raley to blind, Lidberg’s double grab toeside 540 and Smith’s huge tantrum to backside 360. There are many more hammers from more riders, of course, but those will jump out at you. You’ll find a few more sleeper tricks in this film every time you watch it. In fact, some of the best tricks aren’t hyped quite as much, but are really impressive. We really can’t overstate how well Rathy performed in this film. We’ve known for a long time what Rathy was capable of, but he really brought the house down with his complete domination of wake and rails.


The Bonus: Check out the crash session. Smith goes huge, and you can’t slam the wake that many times without paying the piper. Also, don’t miss Rathy part deux, which is still more of Rathy slaying at his peak. It’s impressive not only that Rathy’s riding in this section is almost as good as in the main feature, but also that he had enough footage to make two banger sections. — Craig Kotilinek

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