The Interview: 20 Questions with Reed Hansen

1.    How did you become pro? I didn’t really set out to become a pro wakeskater.  I did it for fun, and I just did it a lot.  Me and Matt Manzari did it every day, all day, so I guess we became qualified as “professionals” for back then pretty quick.  I guess just riding a bunch.  My first big sponsor was Cassette in ’05.

2.    What was your favorite trick when you first turned pro, and what’s your favorite now? One of my favorite tricks has always been the varial flip.  From day one it came naturally to me and it’s probably still my favorite trick.

3.    Who is your favorite rider and why? Probably Matt Manzari.  Not only because he kills it and he picks up everything really fast and has really good style, but he has more fun than anybody I’ve ever seen on a wakeskate.


4.    What is the hardest thing about being a professional wakeskater? Telling your parents you’re gay.  Just kidding, that’s a rollerblading joke.

5.    What would you be doing if you weren’t a pro wakeskater? Nascar driver.  I’m actually driving back in my new Corvette right now from Georgia.  It’s a ’99.  So not old school and not new school.  It’s super fast and it’s super awesome.

6.    Where does this obsession with mud trucks and fast cars come from? Hot, nasty speed, I guess.


7.    What is your biggest goal to accomplish this year? I guess the thing I get most excited about is pushing the sport in new directions and landing new tricks is what I get most stoked on.

8.    What are you most proud of in your career so far? Being able to do what I love without having get another job.

9.    What’s one thing you couldn’t live without on a daily basis? One or all of my toys.


10.    Any pets? I have an old dog named Whirly, she’s like 15.  Yeah, named after a whirlybird.  My dad named her right after Trevor landed his first whirlybird like 15 years ago.   She’s a golden lab.

11.    Who are your sponsors? Fox, Supra, Ronix, WWC and Performance.

12.     You landed a new trick in the last two contests you’ve entered, is that going to be a trend for you in 2009? I mean, that’s always on the forefront.  I hate seeing people just go out there and do a run just to get by.  We’re the forefront of the sport and we’re still babies, so that’s what it’s all about right now is just pushing the sport and seeing what’s possible.


13.    You’ve obviously become fairly acquainted with your board, the Zariel, do you have any plans to update or change it? I got a couple tricks up my sleeve that might improve the best board in the world!

14.    What do you ride most? PWC? Boat? Cable? I guess I prefer the PWC when hitting rails, but either way I’m happy.  I like to ride behind the boat and I love the cable too.  I probably spend the most time on the PWC.

15.    Who do you ride with? Matt Manzari.

16.    Any other sports besides wakeskating? B ball, draining 3s!  And mud racing.

17.    Who’s your biggest all-around competition? Probably Brian Grubb. For an all-around kind of thing.

18.    What’s your favorite movie? Almost Heroes.  It’s the last movie Chris Farley ever made.  It’s him and Matthew Perry, it’s the best movie ever.

19.    Where are you traveling to next? I’m going to Wisconsin on a Wake the Dead Tour with Fox.

20.    What trick do you wish you could do? I’ve always wanted to do a backside heelflip.