The Review: The Way



The Way


WHO: Nick Ennen, Robby Carter, Jimmy Wolf, Chris Craig, Travis Propst, Rhett Whatley and Daniel Doud.

WHAT: Jared Eygabroad's newest project, The Way is a trip film with seven riders traveling through the Northwest in a "Pita-bago."

WHERE: Various Northwest riding spots.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: What a trip film can lack in cutting-edge tricks, it makes up for in creativity, charm and scenery. When it comes to trip films, Eygabroad knows what he's doing. Taking seven free-riders from six different states on a trip for a few weeks and making something fun from it is no easy task, but the film flows well and makes you wish you were there. It also makes you want to ride. The Way's riders are all from different parts of the country and have very different styles. In other words, you're not seeing the same tricks over and over again because these guys all have different influences and interests. For instance, Wolf loves to jib things. He jibs three picnic tables. He jibs a towable slider he created. He jibs a massive rock in a sketchy, shallow stream, which by itself is worth the price of admission. Another cool thing about a trip film is that the travelers can stumble upon unique locales and setups they would normally pass right by because they've specifically set aside time to do the trip. Such was the case when the crew drove down a dirt road and happened to find a pristine irrigation ditch with banked walls ideal for sliding. The spot was perfect because an opposite current made it possible to slide the wall then drift back down the stream until it was time to start the winch again and keep an endless session going. Other notable features of the film are the Northwest wave tow-in section, Ennen riding in a cast after breaking his wrist and Whatley's original music. Whatley cranked out original beats for the majority of the film's sections; not a small feat considering he also cranked out some outstanding riding for the film. The whole thing sounded great.

THE BONUS: The video review above. — Craig Kotilinek