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Box of Fun_**

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WHO: Collin Harrington, Clay Fletcher, Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Chris O’Shea, Erik Ruck and Kevin Henshaw.

WHAT: Harrington’s feature-length wake film debut, Box of Fun is a throwback to movies like 12 Honkeys in which stylish riding is mixed with skits and other shenanigans.

WHERE: Primarily in and around Orlando with side trips to Turks and Caicos, Dubai and Lake Powell.


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Harrington shot, directed and edited the majority of the film, and most of the music is by someone he knows. In other words, if you like Harrington’s style, it’s a fair bet you’ll like BOF. The film is broken up by section with each rider highlighted and with sporadic skits of the crew having fun. Fletcher has a solid opener, with arguably the dirtiest nose presses ever seen. Harrington’s section definitely impressed us as well. It’s amazing to think a rider could be as multitalented as he is, but it’ll be even more amazing when you see Harrington’s section. He absolutely slays it. His various Crocodile Hunter-style close encounters with animals (the nutcase lets a snake bite him) and grab bag of heavy surf shots compliment a riding section that makes it obvious that Harrington is one of the most talented riders of this generation. As far as trips, the crew got creative in the Turks and Caicos, which adds a little variety to the film. From shoulder-mounted shots of Harrington ollieing coral rocks to Bonifay skimming along in 6 inches of water at the lip of the beach to Ruck ollieing waist-high boulders, it’s all quite an experience.

THE BONUS: BOF‘s bonus sections are pretty spectacular. A lot of films just have a few B-roll shots thrown in to say they have bonus footage


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