Obstacles-only Final from WWA Cable Nationals

This 10-minute, obstacle-only jam session with Nick Davies, Nick Witt, Mitch Langfield and Marc Rossiter was probably the best 10 minutes of constant footage we've ever gotten. It was a 10-minute barrage of rails and kickers with four guys on the water. It was actually a challenge to make sure I got as much as possible on film because there were so many hammers dropping off every obstacle. Nick Witt threw down and showed it was his home cable, Nick Davies rode hard and blew minds despite already logging about five hours on the cable that day and still having to win finals, Marc Rossiter slayed the rails and Mitch Langfield really stood out with some of the best on-command rail riding we've seen in a while. It's one thing to be able to get one shot of a nice rail hit after a few tries, but to be able to consistently slay like Mitch did is something else entirely. Watch this 16-year-old Aussie rise to the top of the wakeboarding world, and watch all four throwing down in the video.