Park Profiles: Revolution

Earl Ball presses the Liquid Force rail at Revolution cable park

North Fort Myers, Florida | 239-656-3000 |

Revolution cable park owner Nick Dimasi spent five years bringing his dream park into reality. That time and care is evident in the cable's performance, says 2008 Wake Park World Series champ Tom Fooshee. "Revolution's cable has a feel and pop that's like no other place I've ever been," Fooshee says. "It's such a great, unique feeling and the pop of the cable is amazing." The distance between Revolution's five towers is uncommonly uniform and relatively short, which gives the cable higher tension and one of the poppiest feels of any park in the world. Add to that Revolution's uncommonly high towers and you have one of the perfect environments for boosting big, floaty air tricks. That combination has made Revolution a favorite of some of the world's best cable riders, including Fooshee, Keith Lidberg and Donald Shelbrick, who routinely makes the nearly three-hour trip across the state of Florida just to session Revolution.

34 feet 2 inches

The distance from Revolution's cable and the water, according to Dimasi's recent measurements. The height and pop of the cable creates a floaty feel, giving you more time in the air to add that all-important grab or extra 180.


What you get with Revolution's First Timers pass. For $25, new riders receive two hours on the cable as well as a rental board, life jacket and helmet.


**Revolution's unique layout creates a super-mellow first corner, making the park an ideal spot for first-time riders.

Natural glass

Revolution's nearly 20 acres are surrounded by some of the most pristine wetlands in South Florida. A 35-foot-tall tree line stretches around almost the entire cable lake, providing a massive natural wind barrier. Even on the windiest day, Revolution's lake is glass.

"The feel and pop of the cable, along with the quality of the kickers and rails, makes Revolution one of my favorite parks in the world. Every spot on the cable is amazing, and it's designed perfectly so that every stretch has the right amount of room for air tricks and rails. Plus, the people who run it welcome riders of all levels, and they go as far as they can to make sure your experience at Revolution is the best it can be." — Tom Fooshee

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