The Recap: LF's BBQ BROdown

Check out the BBQ BROdown video recap here.

Check out the trampoline competition here.

Liquid Force's BBQ BROdown was a day of BBQ and rail riding at the Wakeboard Camp in Clermont, Florida. With a Henshaw-built angled rail and a flat rail, the PWCs were buzzing back and forth all day long (except for when Ben Greenwood ran over a rope) and the BBQ was slow-roasting perfect hot dogs and burgers. Sound like wakeboarding heaven? It was. Check out the video, and know that the snake Daniel Powers wrangled is the baby; it had two parents lurking somewhere nearby that Henshaw claimed were about a full wingspan long. I know all this and I was still in the water up to my chest getting this quality footage for you all. Love it, cherish it. Live every day like you might get bitten in the balls by a four-foot Brown Water Snake. Click here for the death-defying video.

The BROdown migrated from the lake to the BBQ to the trampoline, and Phil Soven, Harley Clifford and Kaeson Suyderhoud threw down a few tricks. It wasn't really a competition, but it sort of was. Watch for Phil's toeside off-axis, through-the-legs, osmosis 900 and speed ball to blind. Click here for the video.