Toe Jam Stop 2

Click here for the semifinals video.

Click here for the finals video.

The sport of wakeskating took another step forward today at The Projects outside of Orlando, Florida for stop number two on the Toe Jam Wakeskate Series to determine which rider would win the Rockstar Rail Jam title.

37 riders ripped the glassy waters in the world's most progressive rail park and the level of riding is progressing faster than ever. After a heated 16-man head-to-head battle, the final four consisted of Ben Horan vs. Reed Hansen and Nick Taylor vs. Brandon Thomas.

Hansen was solid on all the rails, but most notable about his riding today was the fact that he stuck three 360 flips and three backside big flips throughout the rounds, helping send him to the final against Nick Taylor. Taylor's final run was near flawless, with a kickflip, boardslide big spin off the Nike 6.0 incline, switch back lip on the Rockstar flat rail, varial flip, frontside flip, backside flip and back lip shove off the Nike 6.0 incline.

Hansen's final run came complete with his signature line of 3-shove, varial flip, backside big spin, frontside flip, kickflip