30 Things to do this Summer Part 4

WBM has come up with the top 30 things to do to make this summer unforgettable. Don't spend your summer sitting around on your couch - get out there! Each week we'll release five more guidelines for the perfect summer of wake. Check out part four of six here:

16. Expand your riding horizons: This summer, take the time to shred something you've never done before, like natural terrain. Take a break from the wake and cable to expand on jibbing trees and rocks, riding a natural waterfall, or ollieing over a dam. Gabe Lucas, the master of natural terrain riding, shares a few secrets to help you get started. Click on the photo above to read Gabe's tips.

17. Make your boat better: You may not think about it much, but one of the most important parts of your boat is the propeller. If you're looking for a smoother ride, quicker acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, it may be time to shop around for a new propeller this summer. But before you go, be sure you know what you're looking for by clicking on the photo above to check out our tips.

18. Upload a Nike 6.0 video: There's nothing better than free gear, right? Well Nike 6.0 and Silas Thurman are giving away free stuff every month to the best video submitted on mywake.tv. So start filming, submit your video to the Nike 6.0 channel, and win some free gear; if you impress Silas, that is. Click the photo the upload your own video.

19. Buy a Life Jacket: In the May 2009 issue of WBM, we showcased the best life jackets of the season on a bunch of hot girls. Check out the gallery of life jackets and chicks by clicking on the photo above.

20. Land more tricks: It doesn't matter if you're a wakeboarder or wakeskater — if you're looking to land more tricks this summer, then it's time to start working on a balance board this spring. Practicing on something like an Indo board will force you to land in perfect position. Read up on Reed Hansen's advice, and land more tricks this summer, by cicking on the photo above.