30 things to do this summer Part 2

WAKEBOARDING magazine has come up with the top 30 things to do to make this summer unforgettable. Don’t spend your summer sitting around on your couch – get out there! Each week we’ll release five more guidelines for the perfect summer of wake. Check out part two of six here:

6. Go to a King of Wake Event: This summer is chalk full of pro events, so get out there and watch your favorite pros make history. Whether it’s the Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour or the Air Nautique Wake Games, these competitions won’t disappoint. Check out a full list of summer events by clicking on the photo above.

Wake Games


Pro Tour Stop 1

Pro Tour Stop 2

Pro Tour Stop 3


WWA Nationals

Pro Tour Stop 4

Pro Tour Stop 5


WWA Worlds

7. Go to a Cable Park: With three new cable parks opening in the U.S. since the beginning of last year (McCormicks in Tampa, Florida.; Wake Nation Cincinnati in Ohio; and Revolution in Ft. Myers, Florida), it only makes sense to hit a cable this summer. When Wake Nation opens May 1, there will be eight operating cable parks in the U.S. and counting, so find one near you and shred it. Click on the photo above to get our first look at Wake Nation Cincinnati.

8. Stay In and Watch a Movie: This summer, some of the most highly anticipated wake videos will finally make their debut, like Billabong’s first-ever wake video, Out of the Pond, Collin Harrington’s Box of Fun, Hyperlite’s Rewritten, and Nike 6.0’s wakeskate team video. Check out the teaser for Out of the Pond by clicking the image above.

  • Click here to see the Rewritten teaser

  • Click here to see the Box of Fun teaser

  • Click here to see the Out of the Pond teaser

9. Test drive a new boat: This summer is the perfect time to a great deal on that new wake boat you’ve always wanted. Let us do the work for you. Take a Virtual Test Drive and learn everything you need to know about your favorite brand’s newest models. Click the photo to access our Virtual Test Drive page.

•    Virtual Test Drives: The greatest values click here

•    Virtual Test Drives: The best interiors click here

10.  Ride a System 2.0: Sesitec’s System 2.0 continues to take the wake world by storm. Click here to check out the recap of Parks Bonifay, JD Webb and more top pros hitting a System 2.0 in Tempe, Arizona, at the second-coming of the Red Bull Wake Lab. But don’t let the pros have all the fun. You can hit one of these two-tower cables systems this summer at The Projects in Orlando, Texas Mastercraft‘s private lake in Ft. Worth, or at the CamSur Watersports Complex in the Philippines. Or buy one of your own at