Day with Team CWB - Trevor and Corey

Corey Bradley and Trevor Hansen took over the filming on this one.  It was pretty crazy to sit back and watch them (without a camera) ride doubles at that high a level.  The whole session probably took about 40 minutes, which is pretty amazing considering some of the moves they landed for the video.

If you start thinking this might have been shot by chase boat, keep watching and you'll see Trevor just about take Corey out at the shins on a roll to blind, and Corey has to take a dive on his first hoochie to blind so he doesn't tackle Trevor.  We're sitting in the boat, watching Corey take a Raley-cut at the wake with Trevor a few feet outside, then take it to blind — it pretty much looked like Trevor was going to die.

Look out for another CWB video some time this week.