Fort Worth Sky High Update

As luck would have it, Tino Santori, Daniel Watkins, and Dano The Mano got seated together on American Airlines flight 897, so instead of the standard, pre-event Dano interview, we have a panel of three wakeboard greats dishing out advice and predictions like it was carne asada about the Lone Star State, Texas ladies, Phil Soven's rumored crow 7, and the finest scotch the skies have to offer (which is probably not that fine, to be honest). The boys got a little long-winded what with Daniel's patriotism, Tino's Mexican heritage, and Dano's new 'stache configuration, so we've heavily edited this 15-minute interview into the little gem you're now seeing. Andale amigos! Stay tuned for event coverage and, as always, don't miss the Winning Run, posted just hours after the event on and