Design Your Own T-shirt

All you budding designers, listen up. Jet Pilot and WBM are giving you the chance to design a T-shirt for Jet Pilot’s next clothing line. Not only will the winning designer see his or her design on a Jet Pilot T-shirt, but also will score a spot in WBM and get four of the JP tees. Draw freehand, use a computer-aided drawing program or get all Jackson Pollack on a piece of canvas – it doesn’t matter; just make sure your design is dope. Mail a disk with an image of your design, along with a printout, piece of paper, canvas or whatever medium you used to:

Jet Pilot Tee Design Contest
Jet Pilot
2490 Ash Street, Suite A
Vista, CA 92081

Make sure to include all your contact info!


“Jet Pilot” must appear somewhere in your design.
Art must be 12-13 inches wide.
Submission will only be accepted by mail.
Maximum of four submissions per person.
Submissions will not be returned and are the property of Jet Pilot.
No royalties or money will be paid to any contest participants.