An interview with Vanessa Kay

Jet Pilot joined the ranks of Reef, Playboy and other heavy hitters at Surf Expo by employing a prominent spokesmodel -- Vanessa Kay. After a five-year stint as one of the original Man Show Juggies, Vanessa began working for Jet Pilot nearly two years ago -- and has loved every minute of it. Jet Pilot is a perfect fit for Vanessa, who is an active wake surfer. "I prefer wake surfing to wakeboarding," she said. "It's a lot of fun. I grew up around lakes and have been wearing Jet Pilot wetsuits all my life. I won't go with anyone else." Vanessa even has a rule: "Friends and family are not allowed to wear any other wetsuit. Period."

Besides her involvement with board sports, Vanessa has been an accomplished pole-vaulter. In college, she competed at the national track and field championships and placed second in the women's pole vault. "There is some connection between pole vaulting and wake surfing or wakeboarding," she said. "Athletes in general make great boarders." She commented on the difficulty of both board sports and said she has total respect for wakeboarders. "I'm OK at snowboarding," she said, "but wakeboarding is just so hard."

When asked what was her favorite part of Surf Expo, Vanessa replied, "the people-watching." She said she really liked the DVS booth, and of course she loved everyone at WakeBoarding magazine's booth.

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