Zane Talks About His New Board

The 2000 model is by far the best board I have ever ridden! We were able to combine the qualities of a hard-carving narrow board with the effortless ride of a wider board. I had spent some time wanting to get back to a hard cut like my '98 model, yet I was really loving the way I could get so much lift from my '99 model without working hard.
So we came up with a great concept in the new shaped tips of the 2000 board. They allow the board to release from the wake and create more pop than any board out there. Meanwhile, I am now able to cut as hard as possible and change edges quickly for those times when I need to get tricks done quickly and big. All that combined with the new thinner profile of the board (lets it cut deeper) and a quad-channel tracking system gets all 17 inches of width slamming into the wake, giving every rider more height than imaginable.
The crew at the factory came up with a few new tricks too. They designed the top shape so the inserts are lower than the rest of the board, which causes the heel and toe of the binding to rest on the edges, eliminating the problem of binding rocker (heel and toe rise). This gives the rider more control over the board, helping it to react to the rider's movements faster. Next they added just the right amount of graphite/carbon, which helps the board to cut harder and faster and gives it even more lift off the wake.
Combine all that with the new super-supportive Cannon bindings and the superior quality of a CWB product, and I truly feel that any rider can achieve new heights and greater goals!