“Whats Up?”

Parks Bonifay – 4/10/2000 – won the X-Cup Slider Contest on 4/8.
Nick & Julz Heaney – 4/5/2000 – picked up Jose Cuervo as a sponsor.
Sonja Scheffler – 3/7/2000 – is taking an acting class in Orlando to help with her new TV broadcasting ventures.
Johnny King – 3/7/2000 – is the new sales manager at G-Bolts. Johnny will be running his “Bro Program” all summer long. Click here to check it out.
Nick & Julz Heaney – 3/7/2000 – Moved into a fresh, lakefront pad in Orlando. They had a killer “house-warming” party that turned into a “barn-burner”, sponsored by TVR (Tequila, Vodka & Red Bull). Most attendees suffered through stages of amnesia lasting well into the following afternoon.
Jaime Necrason‘s dad, Conrad, has been busy building a slider which is 20 feet long and has a variable pitch that can reach up to 6 feet high. Jaime, Tina Bessinger and Chase Heavener have been having fun on it, along with a few of us from WBM, on Lake Killarney in Winter Park, Florida. 2/22/2000
Rob Struharik — 2/22/2000 — Rob still lives in Ohio, so he drove his car (Porshe) onto a train and rode down to Orlando. Here, he rents an executive suite to live in during his rendezvous. He just got over ankle injuries and is riding at 95 percent.
Marie Botved and fianci Paul Studd are currently building a house in south Florida.(2/21/2000)
Brannan Johnson is riding hard all around south Florida for three months. He likes to cruise around town in his new Ford Expedition equipped with a fat-ass lift kit and “Super Swamper” mud huggers. (2/21/2000)
Chad Sharpe — 2/21/2000 — Snowboarded everyday this winter in Canada and is now riding daily in south Florida. Chad is hitting it hard.
Emily Copeland, Lauren Harf — 2/21/2000 — Busy hitting sliders at OWC preparing for the Tour season.
Ryan Wolfe — 2/21/2000 — Riding and sliding after getting over his shoulder injury.
Shane Bonifay — 2/19/2000 — Slid down the rainbow slider at OWC (over 20 feet long and 3 feet high) on a wakeskate.
Cobe Mikacich, Chris Bischoff – 2/10/2000 – Starting up a new wakeboard company — Clutch.
Parks & Shane Bonifay – 2/1/2000 – Spending some major time on the sliders at OWC. Chad Sharpe doubled up with Shane and was doing some sick 3’s and 5’s while Shane crossed underneath.

Julz Heaney – 1/26/2000 – Rode for a WBM photo shoot in Orlando with 25 m.p.h. gusts creating wind chills in the mid 20’s.

Shaun Murray – 1/25/2000 – Started playing a lot of golf. He said, “It’s been takin’ time off of my bowling game, but I guess I’m kind of a higher society guy anyway.”


Thomas Horrell – 1/21/2000 – Helping to build a huge, indoor skate park just north of Orlando.

Charley Patterson, Justin Evans, Pete Ward – 1/18/2000 – Left to go ride in South Africa. They come back February 21.

Matt Staker – 1/19/2000 – He and Chase’s brother Chris say they are not cutting their hair until May. Staker is already lookking nice and scraggley.


Dana Preble – 1/11/2000 – Rode for the first time since her injury in mid-July.