Wakeskating with Horrell

Here are some recent photos from a day of riding with Thomas and Staker. Thomas brought his Cassette wakeskate and put on a show. He has been pulling off some sick moves, and if you haven't seen them, check out his video, Decline of the Water Ski Monopoly. He has perfected heelside tail-grab shuvit 180s, wake to wake 360s and also begins sessions with fast-plant dock starts - even off the roof of a boathouse.

Staker selected a wakeboard for his session and went off as usual. The thing about Staker is that he will throw moves that you've seen 100 times before, but he's got this cat-like style that makes everyone in the boat drop their jaws. He'll also throw moves that you may have never seen before, such as the corkscrew 5s and 7s.

A gas shortage in the "PackerCraft" X-Star forced us to stop dead in the water, but not for long, thanks to WBM advertising sales representative Jeff Barton. JB launched a full-on rescue mission and paddled a good 2,000 feet atop a longboard with 5 gallons of gas. The day was saved.

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Wakeskating with HorrellWBM