The Great Unknowns:Steve Kaplan

Nickname: Stephie Wephie
Date of Birth: 3/ 20/78
Home base:
Southern California and Santa Rosa.
Board, boots, fins:
A 55-inch Thruster. I think it’s killer because it’s got lots of rocker and it’s soft (flexible). I use 2-inch Rainbow fins on both ends.
Years riding?
Four years.
What got you into wakeboarding?
I used to water ski, and when one of my friends got a Skurfer, I tried it, liked it and haven’t skied since.
What do you do when you’re not wakeboarding?
Snowboard and skateboard.
Favorite places to ride?
As long as it’s warm and the water is good, it doesn’t really matter to me, but I like Lake Sonoma.
First invert? Backside roll
Favorite move?
Big inverts, spins, sliding rails, and I’m working on getting my front mobe all dialed in. Big front flips are definitely up there.
Riding style?
I love to grab as much as I can. You gotta have style to impress the guys out on Lake Sonoma
Who’s helped keep you stoked on riding the most?
Byerly, Horrell, Mike Rogers and Corey Chechile keep me stoked. Videos, the tramp and Mike Rogers have helped my riding the most.
Thruster is my only sponsor right now.
Favorite Number: 1,032
Events you plan on doing this year:
Local events (near Lake Sonoma), Sacramento and Portland pro tour stops.
Philosophy of the day:
Don’t worry; planning is bad.
Best contest results:
First at Lake Sonoma in Outlaw Class in May ’97 and several years in a row. – P.J.