The Great Unknowns:Shawn Watson

Date of Birth:
Home base:
Lantana, FL (Lake Osborne)
Board, boots, fins:
Hyperlite Murray, Team Boots, Rainbow fins.
Years riding: One
What got you into wakeboarding?
Watching it on TV.
What do you do when you're not wakeboarding?
Pretty much school and roller hockey.
First invert:
Backside roll
Fave move:
Riding style:
Who's helped keep you stoked on riding the most?
All my friends that ride - Kevin, Mikey and Tara.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Lucky number:
Don't have one.
None yet.
Events you plan on doing this year:
Any local tournaments, the Nationals and hopefully the pro tour next year.
Philosophy of the day:
Don't have one.
Predict your future:
Top 10 in two years, hopefully.
Any last words:
Just thanks to all the Lantana locals for helping me out.