The Great Unknowns:Leslie Kent

Date of Birth:
Home base:
Lake Mary, FL (Lake Monroe)
Board, boots, fins:
Blindside Dana Preble Signature, Blindside HC Pro Wrap, Blindside 2.25" fins.
Years riding?
What got you into wakeboarding?
At my summer camp they had a Skurfer and I got up the first time; then when my dad got a boat, I got a wakeboard and last summer I started riding at O'Town.
What do you do when you're not wakeboarding?
Skateboard and surf and go to school, hang out with friends.
First invert:
Fave move:
Riding style?
Pokes and grabs and spins mostly, and I like slides (lipslides and stuff).
Who's helped keep you stoked on riding the most?
Charley Patterson.
Favorite Food:
Spinach, Pizza.
Lucky number:
Number three
Blindside, G-Bolts and Black Flys
Events you plan on doing this year:
All the local contests around here, Nationals and a few of the later tour stops
Philosophy of the day:
Don't be scared to try anything and have fun.
Predict your future:
Hopefully doing Raleys, more inverts and qualifying at the tour stops.
Any last words:
Thanks to Charley for everything and my family for all their support. - H.L.