The Great Unknowns:Brannon Johnson

  • Nickname:
    Bran (as in the muffin)
    Date of Birth: 12/29/78
    Home base:
    Denver, CO
    Stance: Goofy
    Board, boots, fins: Rusty Challenger Honeycomb, Wiley's Custom, 2-inch Rainbow fins
    Years riding: Two years
    What got you into wakeboarding?
    It was cool to watch, and it was exciting how rapidly it was evolving.
    What do you do when you're not wakeboarding?
    Hang with friends, snowboard, and go out with my girlfriend, Monica. I'm also a pilot.
    Favorite places to ride?
    Lake Powell and chains in Florida.
    First invert?
    Backside back roll, then a tantrum.
    Favorite move?
    Crow mobe or a whirlybird, but I think a slob 360 is the most stylish. A good spinner is better than a good flipper anyday.
    Riding style?
    Something like Kyle's (Schmidt), real hard edging for crisp takeoffs and landings.
    Who's helped keep you stoked on riding the most?
    My friend Bart - we watch vids and then go out and bust a move
    Favorite Food:
    Favorite Dessert:
    Red licorice
    Rusty, Reef, Malibu, Intensity, Wiley's, Fly High, Rainbow and Hard Line Ropes.
    Events you plan on doing this year:
    Every pro tour stop, and anything else I can make it to.
    Best contest results:
    Qualified seventh at the first tour stop in Orlando.
    Philosophy of the day:
    Only time will tell.
    Any last words:
    Thanks to my parents, friends and the good attitude of most of the pros. - P.J.