Shades of Georgia

You might not consider Marietta to be the hotbed of style in America, but don't tell that to the guys at Orosi. They're producing some of the best selling and most popular sunglasses on the market right now. Orosi recently sent a wide sampling of their products to our office, and people were prying open the boxes like wide-eyed kids on Christmas morning. Yes, like all sunglass companies they've got a model or two that are strictly a walk on the fashion wild side, but the majority of Orosi glasses incorporate both looks and function. Take the "Boof" version pictured here. Lightweight, wraparound, comes in a variety of colors; but it's also got a durable, polarized lenses that are a must for long days out on the water. Our prediction: it won't be long before you find a pair that suits you. Call 770-792-8484 to order.