Scott Byerly – Interview December 2000

J: During spring last year you went out with a knee injury. What have you been doing since you've been getting back on the boards?
S: Just trying to take it easy. I don't want to blow anything out, you know, just wakeskating.

J: When were you finally able to get back on the water? You went down in the middle of April?
S: Yeah, and then I got surgery in June and by July I was wakeskating, I started a month after the whole thing. I wasn't supposed to, but I did. That's the kind of therapy I wanted to do, and it worked out great.

J: You got out there with no problems at all?
S: No, but I couldn't go out there and expect to do everything right away. I had to take my time and slowly do stuff. I didn't want to go out and blow my s#*% right away. Riding with bindings, well, I'm slowly coming back at that, just staying in the flats first right now. Stuff like that. Wakeskating isn't hurting. I can ride longer.

J: As far as what you have coming up this year travel-wise, do you have anything planned, trips on the agenda?
S: I'm definitely going back to Japan, and I want to ride over there considering I didn't get to ride last time. We're also going to do some film trips. I think we're going to Brazil.

J: When are you going to Brazil?
S: Pretty soon with Ron.

J: Sweet.
S: There's always something to do film-wise. I might meet Artie over in Ocaladonie again coming up.

J: Oh, that's the one. I think Artie was looking at getting a photographer to come along with. I think he was trying to get Letchworth to go. That would be pretty good.