Sam Owens

Sam Owens is one inspirational woman. Shortly after learning to wakeboard, she hyperextended her knee and cracked her tibia – on the same day. She had her meniscus ‘scoped, and although it set her back, it wasn’t for long. She rallied through physical therapy and got “back on the horse.” A short while later, she cracked her ankle landing a tantrum, but didn’t want to be sidelined. She taped it up and kept riding on what she explained as “a bad sprain.” Now healed up, she’s going bigger than ever and causing a commotion on the women’s scene.

Date of birth?
August 6, 1978.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Texas, spent eight years in Alabama and then moved to Bakersfield, CA.


What equipment do you use?
DoubleUP 132, Wiley’s high-wraps and 2-inch Rainbow fins, front and back.

What do you do when you’re not wakeboarding?
In the winter I snowboard. … There’s really not much to do in Bakersfield besides go to school – I’m in my second year at Cal State Bakersfield.

Any favorite videos?
Fluid, 24/7 and all FLF films.


What are your favorite
places to ride?
The closest place is Buena Vista, but it’s mostly tubers there. Canyon and Nacimiento are pretty fun … anyplace that’s smooth, I guess.

And your ideal boat?
Igor’s Super Sport.

What was your first invert?
Heelside back roll.


And your favorite move now?
Frontside front roll, 3’s and stylie grabs.

How would you describe your riding style?
I try to ride aggressively, go big and grab as much as I can.

Who’s helped keep you stoked on riding the most?
Videos, and my boyfriend, Matt. But I can’t watch vids anymore ’cause they make me jones.


Favorite food?
Taco Bell bean burrito, no onions.

Best contest results?
I won the Canyon Lake amateur women’s division in ’97 … took second at the LA Open in amateurs and placed third at Boardstock ’97.

Scariest moment on a wakeboard?
When I broke my ankle landing a tantrum.

Any last words?
Thanks to God, Matt, my family, DoubleUP, Chad at SBI, and everyone else that’s given me a chance.