Ryan Siebring

Ryan Siebring
Altamonte Springs, Florida.
Signature Moves: Monster front flips and tantrums off the double-up, tons of mobes.
Claim to Fame: The only wakeboarder on tour to hail from Hawaii, Ryan has finally broken through this year in competition. 1998 Mountain Dew Wakeboard National Champion.

Ryan Siebring has a distinct advantage, or disadvantage, depending on how you want to look at it. His body type is the complete opposite of most of the other riders' - tall and lanky. This gives Ryan an entirely different look on the water, and hasn't slowed him down from going big or learning technical moves. Most people think that Ryan is new to the scene, but he's been nipping at the heels of stardom for three years now. This year all the cosmic tumblers have finally fallen into place, and Ryan has unlocked his full potential as a competitor and free-rider.