Rider Profile:Fanny Brusasco

April 2, 2000

An overall national title in ’97 and ’98; a European title in ’96; and a second at the ’98 European championships. If you didn’t see the photos in front of you, you’d think we were about to tell you about some up-and-coming pro guy. But Fanny Brusasco is France’s (and probably Europe’s) best kept secret. And to tell you the truth – she has every chance to win both titles again this summer! This is definitely the rider to watch on the women’s circuit, especially at the ’99 worlds.
After a winter spent at home studying and riding powder fields in the French Alps, we caught up with Fanny when she rode in her first demo of the year last March. This is what we found out:

Age: 20
Home: St. Raphael, France
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 127 lbs.
Board: Hyperlite Juvi 131
Moves: back roll, switch roll, half cab roll, scarecrow, tantrum, 360 and all kinds of grabs
Favorite pro riders: Scott Byerly and Shaun Murray
Boat: X-Star
Years riding: 5
Sponsors: Hyperlite, Rusty, Smith
Strength: No fear on the water
Weakness: spins
3 CDs you take everywhere: Morcheeba, Maxwell, Shazz
Not riding: studying osteopathy, snowboarding, swimming, biking, shopping
Philosophy of life: Have fun, be happy and share good things with
people I love.
Future: I’d like to be a famous osteopath and keep having fun on the water.
Goals: “Learn lots of new tricks, new flips and get some more air – maybe try a Raley with kneepads and a helmet! And win the national and European titles!”
Advice: “Keep on riding!”
Thanks to: Mum, Dad, my sister, my sponsors, my friends: Choux “mon amour’ and Charlie.


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