Randy Harris

Randy Harris
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
Signature Moves: Melan crow mobe, tilted 540s that take off and land in different zip codes,
front flip remix.
Claim to Fame: Randy's more infamous than famous, kicking back with a devious little smile while watching his master plan unfold.

Randy Harris is one of those rare people that everybody likes to take sides over. Some say he's a punk, some say he's a prophet. But regardless of whether you like or dislike his attitude, his riding talent cannot be denied. The originator of West Side pride, Randy is more than capable of representing the culture he comes from in the realm of wakeboarding. At only 17, he has permanently altered this sport with his signature double handle, and is on his way to legend status with his style. If you like the way Byerly rides, then realize that the apprentice is about to teach the mentor a few new tricks. Simply put, the kid kills it.