Q&A With Nick & Julz

The Heaney brothers have created quite a luxurious life for themselves, stemming not only from their solid riding, but also from their magnetic personalities. These England natives live like rock stars in the wakeboarding capital of the world, Orlando, Florida.

Favorite beer or drink:
Nick: Absolute Citron and Red Bull of course (The Liquid Yo-Yo).
Julz: TVR- Tequila, Vodka and Red Bull or a bottle of our hometown brew — Newcastle Brown Ale.

Favorite type of women:
Pretty ones.
Julz: Naughty ones.


Favorite movie:
Nick: Hit It, definitely- and then Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man.
Julz: Six Pack and of course Point Break.

Favorite “Steakhouse”:
Nick: Hmm, that’s a hard one, but it’s got to be The Lodge – Dallas, Texas. It just seems like in Texas everything is bigger and better.
Julz: Not sure yet- still trying to find the perfect cut!

Favorite club in Orlando:
Nick: “Club Heaney” when it’s open- or The Groove.
Julz: Icon.


Favorite place to ride:
Nick: Thailand… definitely.
Julz: The Vaal River in South Africa.

Favorite Tour stop (city):
Nick: Stockholm, Sweden. The riding was awesome and everything just seemed so pretty.
Julz: London — home country.

Most embarrassing moment in wakeboarding career:
Nick: Running an ……. ……….’s boat onto a sand-bar during a sunset photo shoot in Miami Harbour.
Julz: Rearranging the jewels during an MTV Europe interview.


How many boards do you have right now?
Nick: Plenty — too many to count. Wakeboards, Indo Boards, surfboards, snowboards, skateboards (long and short) and an ironing board (but that’s not a twin tip).
Julz: 20-ish. I’ve kept one of every style of board I’ve ridden on from sponsors. You’ve got to hang on to that old skool stuff.

Favorite sport (other than wakeboarding):
Nick: Birdwatching.
Julz: Anything sideways.

Name a few bands you listen to:
Nick: I don’t listen to bands. DJ’s that I like are, Sasha, Digweed, Oakenfold and Julz when he’s spinning a set.
Julz: None – I only listen to thumping House and Trance.


What do you like best about the United States?
Nick: Hmm…’s got to be suntans.
Julz: The dollar and what you can do with it in the US.

What do you miss most about home?
Nick: Listening to girls talk and my local pub home.
Julz: Proper fish & chips and a good night out.

Goals for 2000:
Nick: To live it large till 2001…..and then probably do it all again.
Julz: To have more fun and meet new people!