Parks Bonifay

Parks Bonifay

Hometown: Winter Haven, Florida

Signature Moves:

Any kind of mobe.

Claim to Fame: One of the the youngest people ever to water-ski at six months old and this year's Indmar Pro Tour Champion.

Parks is missing that "let go of the handle" gene that so many of us are burdened with, which is why he can sometimes pull off the seemingly impossible. He is wakeboarding's resident "lab rat," spending more time training behind the boat than probably anyone alive. Fortunately, in the past few years Parks has started to interpret wakeboarding on his own, instead of just churning out a daily routine. He has singlehandedly brought Raleys back into fashion with the grabbed 911 and the 313. Growing maturity, inherent skills and the ability to make it when others don't ... expect to see Parks stay at this spot or higher over the next few years. If he'd only ditch those gloves ...