Justin Evans

Everyone I've come in contact with since the X-Cup, the first tour stop, and a recent Florida photo shoot says Justin Evans is absolutely amazing on a wakeboard. Bill Doster, who took these shots, was blown away by the guy. Unfortunately, I've never seen Justin ride. But I'm going to take Bill and everyone else's strong advice here and predict that you'll be seeing a lot of Justin Evans over the next few years. I talked to Justin one night while he was riding in the car with his dad. He was insightful and funny to talk to, and his dad's probably going to curse the cell phone bill when he gets it.

Where are you right now?
I'm going to the airport to pick up my sister from Los Angeles.

No, I mean where are you in the world right now?
Oh, Sacramento. I live in Sacramento. Fulsom, actually, right next to Fulsom Lake.

So you grew up there?

And you've been riding there for how long?
I've been wakeboarding about four years.

How long have you been with Blindside?
Just two.

So do you feel like a pro?
Good question. I don't really feel like a pro wakeboarder in the sense that guys like Scott (Byerly) are pros. I think you've got to draw a line between what's pro and what's sponsored. I guess I feel like I'm getting close.

Yeah, but you're doing pretty well in some big contests.
Once I do really well in a few of those, I'll feel more comfortable with it. I ride and teach at Double Up wakeboard school on the Delta, and I think a lot of those guys are as good as me.

I hear you bought a new car.
Yeah! I just got a '63 (Chevy) Impala. I think they're sick. I've been slowly restoring it. It was totally filthy when I got it. But I love that car.

What about wrapped moves? I heard a story.
It's not a part of my style. I don't like the way it's taken over the sport. I don't really care if other people do them; they're just not what I like to do. Like, in contests, the judges seem to give a wrapped KGB as much credit as, say, a heelside mobe. That's not right. I just don't want to see competitions going the route of all wrapped moves and no handle pass. I just don't think it's as good as passing the handle.

Who are your sponsors?
Blindside. They're the only one. I gotta stop slackin'.